About us

Read on to learn more about our history, how we produce SALMA, and an overview of all the products we offer.

The story

The story of SALMA is a story of courage, innovation and cooperation. About how the world’s best salmon product was created in a small coastal community in Western Norway. Quality, ingenuity and a lot of hard work led to success.

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The products

Our SALMA products are the perfect fit for any occasion, whether you are inviting guests over for a superb meal, dining alone or looking for something healthy and delicious on the go. You can always be sure you are getting the very best and freshest fish.

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Quality and production

SALMA is produced at one’s of the world’s most modern fish farms at Bømlo in Hordaland. This little film takes you along for the entire process, from roe to SALMA.

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SALMA International

SALMA is distributed in Norway, Sweden, France and Switzerland.